Pratham Youth Program

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A collection of films that explore growing pains and challenges faced by South Asian youth: Lost in Transit, Help Wanted, Any Other Day and Syaahi.

LOST IN TRANSIT: An abstract version of how a child looses himself while he confronts the real world, which is the complete contrast of the world he aspires for.

HELP WANTED: Pavan, a Punjabi teenager, gets involved in his local gang in order to support his fragmented family when his unemployed and abusive father fails to do so. When a drug deal goes wrong and tensions run high with his two-faced gang leader, Pavan must make a tough decision that could ultimately threaten his life and the family he has worked so hard to protect.

ANY OTHER DAY: It was just another day for Kabir and Arnav. But their lives take a turn for the worse when two cops decide to make a spectacle of them.

SYAAHI: A young boy. A quaint hilly town. Everything that can go wrong will go wrong. Perhaps, that is what metamorphosis needs.

Filmmaker Varun Tandon will be in attendance for a post-film Q/A. Program presented in collaboration with Pratham Seattle.



DETDirected by Ajit Giri
Runtime: 2min
Language: No Dialogue
Country: India
Year: 2016

The film is an abstract version of how a child looses itself while it confronts the real world, which is the complete contrast of the world it aspires for.


DIR (2)Ajit Giri belongs from the North Eastern part of India, Assam. He has no formal training in cinema, as he believes in learning through watching movies and reading scripts.

He has already won many awards for his first short film “Seni”.






TOP (2)Directed by Jacquile Singh Kambo
Runtime: 16min
Language: English, Punjabi (with English subtitles)
Country: Canada
Year: 2016

The story tells about a Punjabi teenager, Pav, initiating in gang activities with his friend Vicky. Both meet up with their gang leader, Gurj, who sends them on another mission. When things go wrong, Pav runs away and hides the duffel bag in his own house. Pav’s father Sat suspects Pav’s behaviour and insults him. Pav’s sister Jas suspects his gang activities and his relationship with Gurj. Pav walks in to see Gurj interrogating Vicky, and suspects Pav of having the duffel bag. As Gurj leaves unconvinced, Pav and Vicky agree to sell the duffel bag to Vicky’s boys. When they reach their objective they discover it is more than just a betrayal.


DIRJacquile Singh Kambo is an aspiring Director and Writer, graduating from the Bachelor’s of Motion Picture Arts program at Capilano University, North Vancouver. Fascinated with film noir and drama, he has written and directed short film “Help Wanted”, focusing on Indo – Canadian gang violence and family struggles. He hopes the film will bring attention on reconnecting families and change in the homes of South Asian communities. His passion for storytelling drives him to build connections and change perspectives. Jacquile hopes to expand his achievements into writing and directing feature films.




DETDirected by Vikrant Dhote & Srikant Ananthkrishnan
Runtime: 12min
Language: English, Hindi, Marathi (with English subtitles)
Country: India
Year: 2015

Where are we to turn when the ones sworn to protect us are the ones against whom we must be protected? It was just another day for Kabir and Arnav. But their lives take a turn for the worse when two cops decide to make a spectacle of them. As the night unfolds, help comes from an unlikely source who goes on to unmask the hypocrisy of our society


Any other day director1Vikrant Dhote is a performer, writer and director based in Bombay. He has studied at the London International School of Performing Arts and hopes to create more work around gender and queerness in the Indian context.





Any other day director2

Born in 1987, Srikant Ananthakrishnan holds a post-graduate diploma in Film Direction from the University of Mumbai. He has been working in the industry for 5 and a half years.








DETDirected by Varun Tandon
Runtime: 30min
Language: Hindi (with English subtitles)
Country: India
Year: 2015

A young boy. A quaint hilly town. Everything that can go wrong will go wrong. Perhaps, that is what metamorphosis needs


DIRVarun Tandon knew that he wanted to be a part of film making from his first day in college, he spent the next 3 years making short films. This resulted in him making over 15 short films by the age of 20 and is a testimony to Varun’s passionate pursuit of self learning the art.

Gulcharrey, Varun’s first film after college premiered at the River To River Film Festival, Italy and won critical acclaim at numerous international film festivals. His first feature length script Anjaan Galli Gumnaam Nagar, was selected for the NFDC National Script lab, 2014.

Syaahi is Varun’s most recent work as a Writer, Director. The 30 minute short film won a Special Mention for Direction at the 63rd National Film Awards. Syaahi is also an Official Selection at numerous international film festival including the New York Indian Film Festival and the Troyes International Short Film Festival.