Cities of Sleep || Hellhole

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SUNDAY, OCT 23rd, 2016 || 12:00PM || CARCO THEATER

See the unseen. Struggling to find a place to sleep at night in New Delhi. Cleaning the gutters of Karachi to eek out a living.

CITIES OF SLEEP: The documentary takes us into a heady world of insurgent sleeper’s communities as well as the infamous ‘sleep mafia’ in Delhi where just securing a safe sleeping spot often becomes a question of life and death for a large number of people.

HELLHOLE: One strong gutter cleaner shows us what it is like to take your life in your hands everyday and reminds us of his oft forgotten humanity.


Directed by Shaunak SenDET2
Run time: 74min
Language: Hindi (with English subtitles)
Country: India
Year: 2015

The film trails the lives of two individuals, Shakeel and Ranjeet. Shakeel, a renegade homeless sleeper has for the last 7 years slept in a diverse range of improvised places like subways, under park benches, parking lots, abandoned cars and lately, at areas controlled by the sleep mafia. The film follows his attempts to secure a safe sleeping space just around the time the infamous winter rains of Delhi are due.



Shaunak Sen is a filmmaker, video artist and scholar based in Delhi. ‘Cities of Sleep’ is his first feature length documentary, funded by the Films Division of India. He has edited various other documentary and experimental fiction/non-fiction films including ‘Squad’s Fall Guys’ (2013), ‘Old Town’ (2013) and ‘T&Lily’ (2014).



DET1 (1)Directed by Mobeen Ansari
Run time: 10min
Language: No Dialog
Country: Pakistan
Year: 2016

Hellhole  is a short silent film which takes us into the world of conservancy workers, to the world of those more commonly known as gutter cleaners. Insight comes through following the life of one such worker in Karachi (Pakistan) and witnessing his oft forgotten humanity.


DIR (1)Mobeen Ansari is a photojournalist, painter and sculptor based in Islamabad, Pakistan. A graduate of National College of Arts in Rawalpindi,Pakistan, his mission is to promote a positive and often unseen side of his country through his photographs. Challenged with loss of hearing at a very early age, Mobeen has always been observant of his surroundings and translates those visually through different mediums. He has traveled across Pakistan and focuses on places off the beaten path- especially South Punjab and Wakhan Corridor up far North.