The Unnamed

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Oggatonama (the unnamed) is a film about local life, love and hope while portraying a strong message of global humanity.

The central character, a poor farmer from a remote Bangladeshi village facing challenges, from bureaucracy, from his peers and also from the traditional mindset after receiving the dead body of an ‘Oggatonama’ – the unnamed. Circumstances challenge him to face a situation involving the death news of his son who was an expatriate, working in the middle east as an unskilled labor. The story portrays a typical Bangladeshi village, its inhabitants and economic strength through export of manpower but a lot of these exports involves illegal human trafficking, mistrust and broken hopes.

Directed by Tauquir Ahmed
Run time: 90min
Language: Bangla
Country: Bangladesh
Year: 2016


DIRBangladesh is one of the largest labor exporting countries in the world. Skilled, half skilled & unskilled labor force is being exported from Bangladesh to Middle East, Far East, Europe & America. But the unskilled labor force is big in number. The main flaws of the man power export are insufficient & lengthy Government process, Lack of training, ignorance, non-cooperation from foreign missions. All these result the cheating by the agents, high cost of immigration process, illegal trafficking. Manipulating the identity is also a major practice. A cut throat visa means-tampering the photograph by changing face in some one else’s passport. Due to huge population & limited employment opportunities in the country people emphasis on the scope of overseas employment. These simple poor people often fail to understand the loopholes and traps of the process. Their living standard in abroad is poor. the wages are low, sometimes less than 200 USD per month, but they sell their last piece of land to fetch the opportunity. Accommodation is unhealthy, lack ample light & air, hygiene is also a concern. These labor forces often denied the human rights; abuses are very common in many cases. But the export continues. According to the newspaper & research, death rate in abroad is very high, especially in Middle East. Some 14 thousand died in last six years. Dhaka airport receives 10 to 15 coffins in an average per day mostly from Middle East. The country earns a huge remittance from exporting this manpower, but these people are often deprived from the basic protection in the process of fetching their dreams. The family ends up with a compensation of 2-3 thousand dollars. The Story not only speaks the identity crisis of these common men but underlines the flaws and traps of these modern day slavery, resulting in illegal human trafficking. The look of the film is near to these common people’s daily life with humors & satire on the surface but pain beneath. The sad events of deprivation & death can not stop celebration of life & continues as symbol of hope & struggle.