Let Her Cry

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Directed by Asoka Handagama
Run time :  104min
Language : Sinhalese (with English subtitles)
Country : Sri Lanka
Year: 2015

A university Professor appears to be having an affair with a young female student. His behavior threatens the carefully established routines of his middle class family. Through their unusual correspondence, the student keeps the professor’s wife informed of the affair and activities. The professor seems torn and confused as he at times denies and then admits to seeing the girl. The wife caught in the middle is not sure what to believe. The young student claims she is willing to die for their love and wants the Professor at any cost. As her carefully composed life starts to unravel, the wife makes the ultimate decision. She brings the girl to their home to live with them. He is a man of the post-modern world who cannot be a true lover and must therefore live out the routines of a good, decent and responsible professor and father.

Asoka Handagama
Asoka Handagama has a track record and reputation for causing controversy through his cinematic creations. The ace filmmaker has the temerity and ability to wade into uncharted territory where few have dared to venture before and explore explosive issues in an unconventional manner. Each one of his earlier feature films – seven in all – are unparalleled cinematic achievements resulting in passionate debate and heated discussion. ‘Ege Esa Aga’ seems to be no exception.