Kalo Pothi

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SUNDAY, OCT 23rd, 2016 || 2:00PM || CARCO THEATRE

To seek their lost happiness two young boys embark their journey relentlessly, completely unaware of the tyranny brought by broken ceasefire where they witness various unimaginable events that forces them to experience anger, blame, guilt, frustration, and finally hope which is beyond their missing hen and their chance to be happy again.

Filmmakers Min Bahadur Bham, Shanti Rai & Debaki Rai will be in attendance for a post-film Q/A


Directed by Min Bahadur Bham
Run time: 90min
Language: Nepali (with English subtitles)
Country: Nepal
Year: 2015

Set in 2001, when Nepal was being torn apart by a civil war with government loyalists fighting against Maoist insurgents, this stunning Nepali drama juxtaposes the horrors of combat with the innocence of daily life. In the film, Kiran and Prakash, two boys from different castes, attempt to chase down a black hen to lift the latter’s family out of poverty, only to face increasingly difficult obstacles. As tensions mount and conflict sparks between the two warring factions, the boys, united by their friendship, are inevitably dragged into the social maelstrom raging around them. Combining tragedy with humor and showcasing the performance of a stellar cast and director, The Black Hen is an award-winning film which serves to remind that, though we may never fully control or escape the chaos that pervades humanity, our appreciation of companionship and the simple things in life are what make our dreams worth struggling for.


1439295847editor_44261_small-resize-225x210Min Bahadur Bham is a relatively new director, who graduated with degrees in Nepali literature, filming, Buddhist philosophy, and political science. His works include The Last Beginning and The Flute. Having won several awards and participated in numerous film festivals, he believes in chronicling the complex social & moral issues which affect the lives of everyday people. According to Bham, “My past still haunts me.. It is crucial for me to bring out my true own life experiences to the world.”