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Saturday, October 3, 5:00 PM (Online sales have ended.Tickets are available at door.)

Project KashmirProject Kashmir
Senain Kheshgi and Geeta V. Patel, USA/India, 88 min

From directors Senain Kheshgi and Geeta V. Patel comes PROJECT KASHMIR--a feature documentary in which the directors, two American friends from opposite sides of the divide, investigate the war in Kashmir and find their friendship tested over deeply rooted political, cultural and religious biases they never had to face in the U.S. PROJECT KASHMIR explores war between countries and war within oneself by delving into the fraught lives of young people caught in the social/political conflict of one of the most beautiful, and most deadly, places on earth--Kashmir.

Beautifully lensed by Academy Award® winner, Ross Kauffman, the film captures the stunning beauty of Kashmir, while expertly interweaving deeply moving personal stories of Kashmiris with those of the two American women, who strive to reconcile their ethnic and religious heritage with the violence that haunts their homeland.

Project Kashmir reveals that for some questions, there is never just one truth.

Directors: Senain Kheshgi and Geeta V. Patel

Website: www.projectkashmir.org

In Person: Senain Kheshgi will be present for post film discussion.

Bio: Senain Kheshgi
2005 Rockefeller Award Winner Senain Kheshgi is a Pakistani-American documentary filmmaker who has produced, written and directed projects for numerous networks including, CNN, ABC NEWS, Discovery, A&E and MSNBC. Senain left the journalism world in 1999 to co-produce her first feature documentary with Academy Award winning director, Davis Guggenheim (AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH) Senain co-produced Guggenheim's film, THE FIRST YEAR which was awarded the prestigious George Foster Peabody award for excellence in Journalism and was broadcast on PBS nationwide in 2001. She directed FAMILY RECIPE, a short film about the legacy of Partition and its effect on her family for the Queen's Museum of Art in New York. She collaborated with British filmmaker Sophie Fiennes (sister of Ralph and Joseph Fiennes) in 2002 on Hoover Street Revival, a BBC documentary about religion and gospel music in South Central Los Angeles. She is on the Advisory Board and guest programmer of CINE, the art house cinema in her hometown of Athens, Georgia. Senain teaches documentary filmmaking workshops at Emory University in Atlanta.

Bio: Geeta V. Patel
Indian American filmmaker Geeta Patel is a director, producer, and writer for both documentary and dramatic feature films. She has worked on film and television projects with Disney, Universal Pictures, Imagine Entertainment, ABC, NBC, and Twentieth Century Fox, including THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS and BLUE CRUSH, Geeta worked closely with directors Jon Avnet and Mimi Leder, producers Lynda Obst, Bobby Newmeyer, Kevin Misher, Ian Sander, and Kim Moses— and Emmy Award Winning Screenwriter Kario Salem. A graduate of Duke University, Geeta’s background in languages, international policy, and human rights informs her work as a writer and filmmaker. She is a Board Member for The Center for Multifaith Education in New York and the LA-based diasporic festival Artwallah. Geeta has written/directed for the theater and is currently working on her first novel entitled The Laughing.

Maldives, 4 min

Laya Project

Laya Project is a Tribute to the resilience of the human spirit. It is a documentary about the lives and music culture of coastal and surrouncidng communities in the 2004 tsunami-affected regions of Sri Lanka, Thailand, Indonesia, Maldives, Myanmar and India. Laya Project is a visual journey documenting folk music recorded and filmed on location.

Website Link

Executive Producer: Sastry Karra

Producers: Sonya Mazumdar and Joanne de Rozario

Film Director: Harold Monfils

Music Director: Patrick Sebag

Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x1k61VMGv_M

Director Bio: Harold Monfils
Born in Portugal, Dutch passport, learnt English in Taiwan and grew up in Mexico where he joined the kind and supportive world of Advertising in 1987 serving coffee at an International agency. Attended London Film School, got cold moving to the Caribbean where he learned to Salsa and started Directing. Monfils is a highly accomplished film professional who has done every single job on a film set. Able to produce stunning film productions through engaging harmoniously with heterogeneous film crews from diverse cultures. Traveling 34 countries for the simple love of discovery. Directed the Internationally acclaimed feature documentary, Laya Project. He is a people director while he shoots other stuff too. He claims he still makes great coffee.