Friday September 26th, 2008 6:00 PM in the Mini Theater
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Queer & Desi: Exploring LGBTQ issues in the South Asian Community
Gita Mehrotra, FREE, Workshop

As a community-based organization, Tasveer sees this as an opportunity to spark dialogue, consciousness-raising, and skill-building around queer issues within the South Asian community.

The focus of the workshop will be to provide a space for participants to engage with basic training and dialogue regarding issues of gender identity and sexual orientation in a South Asian context. This will include: critical self-reflection about our own values regarding gender, sexuality, and LGBT communities, basic terminology and language, discussion about homophobia and heterosexism, and conversations about how to work in alliance with South Asian LGBTQ communities.

We highly recommend this workshop for audience members who plan to attend one or more of the LGBTQ programs in ISAFF. The workshop will prepare you to better understand and engage with the ideas presented in these programs.

Workshop is limited to 20 participants and is FREE. Pre-registration is required. Email Gita Mehrotra to register for the workshop.

Gita Mehrotra

Gita Mehrotra has been involved with community-based work for the past 12 years with a focus on social justice in South Asian, API communities, and queer communities. She is a volunteer with Chaya and a consultant with Asian Women’s Shelter in San Francisco. She has also been on the board of Trikone, San Francisco and a member of the Queer People of Color Liberation Project, Seattle. Gita is currently a Phd student in Social Welfare at the University of Washington where her research and teaching interests include: domestic violence in South Asian and queer communities and community-based & social justice education.
Really want to attend this screening but can't find a babysitter? No problem! We have a Kids Play Room.
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