Made Possible By: City of Seattle - Department of Neighborhoods

Fiscal Sponsor: Ragamala
Made Possible By
City of Seattle - Department of Neighborhoods
Fiscal Sponsor
Business/Organizational Program Sponsor
ACLU of Washington
Amnesty International USA
CRY America Seattle Action Center
Cycle Barn
Global South Film Research Institute
This institute aims at carrying out research, publication, archiving, exhibition, and dissemination of knowledge of the cinemas of the Global South. For details please contact .
Kabul Restaurant
Law Offices of White & Watson, PLLC
United States Immigration and Naturalization lawyers
Nepal Seattle Society
Seattle Sikh Retreat
South Asian Bar Association Of Washington
Tibetan Nuns Project
Trikone Northwest
Trikone NW is a non-profit organization that provides a supportive and safe space for differently oriented South Asians. Our website is under construction, please visit our information booth at the festival.
Friends of ISAFF: Business or Organization
Girlie Press
Green Party of Seattle
KBCS 91.3 FM Community Radio
Mirch Masala
National Film Festival for Talented Youth (NFFTY)
Northwest Film Forum
Pam Alt
Alternative Medicine
Phone: 206.218.3597
Reel Grrls
Retail Therapy
Scarecrow Video
Teach First
Friends of ISAFF: Individual
Anita Sansguiri
Himanshu Khurana
Neelu Bhuman & Andrew Nicholson
Sahar Zaheer
Suki Sangha
Uzma Khan
Individual Festival Sponsor
Annie Wilson
Uzma Khan
Vijya Patel
Individual Program Sponsor
Friends of Tasveer at WaMu
Heart of the Rainbow
Jeanelle Hupy
Niranjan Ramakrishnan
Upasana Sinha
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