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"Loved the films. Especially film Yours emotionally, though I know not many would probably agree - but I thought the film was very beautiful and portrayed something never seen before about the Indian sub continent as well as the diaspora. Also Riding Solo... was great. Hope you will have more films of such diversity in your further editions. Keep up the great work and I hope to return next year for emotionally stirring films." -- Karan

"hilarious. Its growing day by day. exellent" -- geeta

"Congratulations on another successful ISAFF!!! Is it possible to purchase all of the shorts on DVD - including Bare? Also, after each film I failed to vote (lost myself in the Q&A's and after-conversing) but '5' for Monsoon. Please continue films on the inter-generational gap and ways to be with it/heal it (a la Monsoon, Arranging Love, and Bare). The quantity of these films was just-right and even more would be welcome, as there are many aspects to how the gap affects both generations and many ways to respond to it. It's important to show the universe of options, the universe of struggles, and the universe of emotions. Finally, please consider adding more films on the West's 'footprint' on India, in India, via sweatshops, enviro-impact, mental illness/depression, middle-class teenage pregancy and drugs, etc. with a moderated discussion afterwards **even if the filmmaker is not present**. Last night after "10 Questions..." someone asked what can employees of American corporations do in response to those corporations enabling censorship in China. We all have various interests and undeniable reliance on corporations, and many of us at the same time feel heartfelt compassion for the children and innocents in China, India, and everywhere. The gift of the forum that you provided last night is precious and provides the critical sequence for change to emerge: 'this is what's happening' + 'here's how I feel about it' + 'here are/what are possible responses/actions/next steps'. My infinite gratitude!!!" -- Simrit

"I was really disappointed when I arrived specifically to see "There was a Queen," and was told it was cancelled. Friends in Kashmir were waiting for me to tell them about it. I felt there should have been some way to show the film, or at least tell us how we might see it." -- Janet Mandell

"Hi there, I went to the fest today specifically to catch Bare, but when I arrived it was not shown in order to make time for the (very informative and wonderful) post-film Q&A. I am wondering if you would consider showing Bare on the last night, at 6:45pm for those who wish to see it. I truly feel dismay at missing it because of personal resonance with the story. Please consider! Thanks - and keep up the wonderful work." -- Seattle Sassy

"Neelu: What a great time! Susan and I really enjoyed the film, and the hospitality. Thank you for thinking of us. My words at the beginning turned out to be spot on - I was truly humbled by what he accomplished, and by the life style of people who do so much with so little. I got home and looked around my two car garage, and even with the vehicles removed there is more technology and sheer stuff there than can be believed after seeing that film. Let me know next year if you come up with a film that has any motorcycle connection!" -- Dave Preston, Cycle Barn MotorSports Group

"Hello, I think it's great that you're celebrating diversity through meaningful movies and not glitzy stuff doled out on the public from Bollywood. I'd love to watch all the movies, butI cant make it. Can I rent these movies from some place? KCLS? Or perhaps an Indian/Pakistani movie store? Thank you!" -- Dee

"Why isn't "Hindi" one of your tags listed on your homepage?" -- Dushyant

"Hello, thank you very much for organizing this event. I would like to come for the opening night and other days. I will donate something... as it is a great film festival and I want it to be continued. thank you very much for your volunteering work to make this festival possible." -- Kay Carter

"Rita, this is amazing. I was just going to write asking if you knew already when ISAFF was going to take place this year. I'm going to Nepal in the Fall and wanted to be sure NOT to book my flight at the same time as the festival. :-)" -- Sonnia J. Karlsson,
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