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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where do I buy tickets?
Due to generous support from Seattle's Department of Neighborhoods we are able to make this year's ISAFF programs FREE to the public. Seating will be done on a first come first serve basis. But, if you are inclined to support our efforts and guarantee a seat, we have provided two individual sponsorship opportunities detailed on our Home page under the heading 'Sponsorship/Donation Opportunities'.

2. Can I still become a sponsor?
Yes. The sponsorship/donation program was created to provide an opportunity for individuals to support Tasveer and Seattle’s 4th Independent South Asian Film Festival. Any individual can sponsor a specific program of the festival or the entire festival or make a donation.
  • Individual Program Sponsorship: $50(plus handling fee) per Program. Go to the Schedule page and click on the corresponding 'Sponsor Program' button to sponsor program(s) of your choice.
  • Individual Festival Sponsorship: $150(plus handling fee). To become a festival sponsor, click:
  • Donation boxes will be available at the festival(cash/check only please). To make an online donation, click:
Sponsorship benefits:
  • Individual Sponsors will be acknowledged by listing their name on the website by the program, by listing their name on Tasveer newsletter that highlights the program, and verbally before the program begins at the festival; Festival Sponsors will be acknowledged by listing name under festival sponsors on the Sponsors page, by listing name in Tasveer newsletter and verbally on the opening night of the festival.
  • Program Sponsors will receive 2 reserved seats at the sponsored program; Festival Sponsors will receive 2 reserved seats for all programs.
We hope that the Individual Sponsor will also help to promote their sponsored festival program to their social circles.
Note that the individual sponsorship prices are not negotiable. We encourage donations from individuals in any amount. Donations in amount of $25 and above will be acknowledged on the website on the sponsors page.

Please write to Farah Nousheen at for questions on sponsorship opportunities.

3. Where is South Asia?

South Asia is a group of countries that are culturally, historically, and linguistically connected, and also geographically located in the Indian subcontinent. There are variations on the countries that are included when South Asia is referred to, although most include India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. Some include border countries like Afghanistan, Myanmar, or Tibet, while other organizations choose not to do that. Tasveer decided to include the countries Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka based on research, considerations, respect, and recognition for each country and people.

4. Why do you include Afghanistan in your definition of South Asia?

Because Afghanistan is central between South Asia and the Middle East, it often gets lost when regions are classified. Some South Asian organizations include Afghanistan in their mission while others don't. We include it because of its historical significance during the Moghul and British colonial period and its close political, religious, linguistic, and cultural relationship with other South Asian countries. We also include Afghanistan because there is no Seattle based film organization that covers Afghanistan in their mission statement and we did not want this country to be disregarded.

5. My country, language, and/or culture are not represented in the festival. Why is the film festival called South Asian but does not cover all the countries listed on the website?

The countries listed are the countries considered to be in the South Asian region and in the mission statement of the presenting organization . There is intention and effort to include all the people of South Asia around the globe. But films are selected based on availability, costs, production year, production value, public screening rights, and other logistical factors. Most likely a film from your region/culture/language is not in the festival because it was not feasible for any number of these reasons.

The intention and mission is to include, not to exclude, the multitude of South Asia.

Please email us if you know of any independently produced films from your region, culture, or language. You are also welcome to join the festival team for 2007, because you might have more access, knowledge, and language skills to films from your region. And finally, we encourage everyone to learn to make films so that South Asian diversity is reflected in the films available. Contact us if you are interested in filmmaking and need our assistance. Our email for general inquiry is

6. I am a filmmaker and how do I submit my film?

You can use this application as a guide for the information to include: .


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