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3rd Annual Independent South Asian Film Festival SOUTH ASIA CAPTURED: Social Movements and Reel Moments

Thursday Sept 28th - 7pm

(Shonali Bose, India/USA, 2004, 102min, 35mm)
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Seattle Premiere

Amu is the story of Kaju, a twenty-one-year-old Indian American woman who returns to India to visit her family. The film takes a dark turn as Kaju stumbles against secrets and lies from her past. A horrifying genocide that took place twenty years ago turns out to hold the key to her mysterious origins. How were Kaju's family involved in the killings? What happened and why? Who were the culprits? Who benefited? Will Kaju have the courage to pursue the truth no matter the cost? Will it destroy her relationship with her mother? Will it affect her burgeoning romance? Will it change everything she knows about herself and about India?

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Post-film Discussion
Director Shonali Bose will be coming in from Los Angeles to introduce the film and stay for a question and answer session after the film. The Sikh Coalition will also be available.

"For a follower of history and for the average movie-lover, this movie brings an experience worth watching. Amu is a personal statement on a social event that hasn't touched the Silver Screen ever before. The movie had a strong impact on me... it connected me to my country's history... it made me think. It is a movie that every young and old Indian should look out for. In fact it is a movie that offers a lot to everyone interested in good, authentic cinema."
- Matrayi Joneja, ISAFF Film Reviewer

Sponsored by The Sikh Coalition

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